Afghan Hound Puppy for Sale Family Pet
Alexandria, Missouri

 September 30, 2016 ,  October 14, 2016

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We have an Afghan hound puppy who I aquired a little bit ago. He is house trained, kid friendly, good with all the other pets. Conversely my big male dog is picking on him. I'm trying to get back several of might know about purchased him. But he uses a good home without any bullies to pick out on him. He is a great dog!

Noah was my first Afghan Hound. I always loved the appearance of the Afghan Hound and here was an ad in the paper that he was there waiting to be loved. I had no idea what to expect. When I arrived at the shelter, Noah had been shaved down. To quote a neighbor, "he looked like a Chihuahua on stilts." He had sores all over and was missing teeth as well as a piece of his tongue from someone kicking him in the mouth. When I asked his caregiver if we could go somewhere not so noisy to get acquainted, we went outside and I sat down on the ground and Noah did the same facing me. I looked him in the eyes and said, "Noah, would you like to come home with me?" He looked me right back and took a step forward and rested his head on my shoulder. I took that as a yes and he never went back into the shelter again. I opened the door to the car and he jumped right in, sat down and waited for me to pay his bail! When we arrived home he went into the house like he had always lived there, jumped into a big overstuffed chair and that was his spot until he passed away. Through Noah, I learned how smart, clever, full of expression, full of energy and loving the Afghan Hound is. I also learned how to groom and how much he liked to be "handsome." After his bath, he took every precaution to stay clean. He went on long runs/rides with me. I rode the bicycle and he ran along side me 2 miles every day, rain or shine. If he sensed that I was apprehensive about another person or dog, he always put himself in the middle so as to protect me. Noah gave the comfort and earned the rest his name implied.

Our afghan hound puppies for sale price is $1000

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