6 FeMaLe gErMaN ShEpHeRd
Las Vegas, Nevada

 December 6, 2017 


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Puppy's description

i hAvE 6 (sIx) FeMaLe gErMaN ShEpHeRd/mAlAmUtE PuPpIeS, oRiGiNaLlY HaD 8 BuT TwO HaVe bEeN Re-hOmEd aLrEaDy. AlL GiRlS ArE AvAiLbLe fOr sImIlAr rE-HoMiNg fEe, InClUdInG OnEs wHiCh wErE AlReAdY Re-hOmEd. ThEsE ArE AbOuT 6 WeEkS OlD, cUrReNtLy wItHiN ThE AnImAl hOsPiTaL FoR SpAyInG, vAcCiNeS AnD MiCrOcHiPs. ThEy aReN'T NuRsInG, aNd tHeY ArE CoNsUmInG SeMi-sOlId fOoD. i wIlL Be bUyInG EaCh oF ThE BaBiEs aLoNg wItH ThEiR MoThEr tOmOrRoW Or tHuRsDaY (dEcEmBeR 6-7, 2017). PlEaSe fEeL FrEe tO CoNtAcT FoR MoRe iNfO, iNcLuDiNg rEhOmInG FeEs aNd oThEr qUeStIoNs mAyBe yOu hAvE. iT Is vItAl tHaT RiGhT NoW EaCh gOeS To aMaZiNg, LoViNg fAmIlIeS ThAt cAn pRoViDe tHeM WiTh tHe pRoPeR CaRe tHeY ReQuIrE As aRe gOiNg tO PoSt-oP. rEcOmMeNd tO MoVe tHe pUpPiEs nAtUrAl bAlAnCe cAnInE, iT ReAlLy iS FoRmUlAtEd fOr pUpPiEs aNd dOgS Of aNy aGe.

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